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To the mod: Could you also tell us what choices you made in the New Vegas DLCs?

Assuming this isn’t some sort of evil or gimmicky run that requires me to do things differently, the usual endings I go for are..

Gonna forsake the links this time, just to see if it gets the message across with my explanations alone. That too and I’d need to add a fuckton of said links. :P

Dead Money: God lives, Dog erased. Merging them results in a childlike beast who doesn’t remember much, except that you helped them. This not only means “they” could be a potential danger, but there are those who would take advantage of their ignorance, the same way Elijah took advantage of Dog. God learned patience, understanding and even a little compassion from the Courier, so I feel that setting him “free” is the best for everyone.

I’m always kind to Christine, and I flip a coin to decide whether Dean Domino gets what he deserves or not. Basing such a thing on chance to determine his fate seems rather.. appropriate. Similarly, it’s 50/50 whether I lock Elijah in the vault or just shoot him. A lot of it depends on how much of the main game I’ve done up to that point; if my Courier is aware of Operation Sunburst, it’s so very tempting to let the old man stew in his rage in the cold, metal prison. The breakdown he has while you escape is also a phenomenal bit of voice acting, and the bastard deserves every bit of anguish for all the death and suffering he’s caused.

Honest Hearts: Side with Joshua. Daniel is a patronizing, naive fool, and seems to care more about what the Sorrows represent than what they actually are. His repeated acts of lying to them “for protection” also make me dislike him a great deal, as he’s given himself more authority than he should really have. For the same reason, I tell Waking Cloud the truth about her husband, because she has a right to know.

Follows-Chalk is a bit silly, but I think he’s also cautious enough to not be destroyed by the wasteland, should he venture out into it, so I would encourage him to do so. He needs to make his own chalk marks someday, not just follow those set by others, and the companion perk he gives you indicates he does indeed have a talent for scouting. And even if he doesn’t, the fact he’s encountered the White Legs and survived means he should be able to handle any other group of raiders out there, except maybe a Legion patrol. And he’s good at lying low, so that shouldn’t happen either.

Crush the White Legs, but allow Salt-Upon-Wounds to fight back. This battle doesn’t go very far, between the Courier’s strength and Joshua’s fury, but it’s better than shooting him in the head while he’s begging for mercy. This act causes the Sorrows to develop into a warrior tribe, but they are honorable, and the Happy Trails Caravan also thrives, as the 80’s are defeated by the newly-fierce Sorrows too (who are first weakened by a war with the White Legs, who ALSO get their ass kicked by the Dead Horses). Basically all the bad guys die, and a large portion of Utah becomes safe for travellers, so I see it as the best way.

Old World Blues: Explore the whole crater and complete every subquest, with good or neutral karma; often the latter cause I tend to pick up (uh, steal) everything, but strive for outcomes that help the most people too. Mobius and the Think Tank are left alive, and I make friends with all of them so that not only are they more positive (except Klein, who’s never truly satisfied except via the cut evil ending), but they all give me stuff everyday as thanks. Yay!

Also, it’s rather difficult to do, but it’s worth saving Gabe while simultaneously getting the Sonic Emitter frequency from his cave. The Robo-Scorpions will quickly kill him, and he will quickly kill YOU if you don’t react fast. It changes Dr. Borous’ dialog and the items he gives you from then on (as well as his role in the final confrontation), and he’s much more cheerful if you then “agree” with him rather then put him down for his experimenting. It makes him truly appreciate Gabe’s love for him, despite everything he did to the doggie.

Sometimes I do this “normally”, however, because Borous’ speech is equally impressive (and heart-rending) if Gabe dies and you make him think about what he’s done to the poor beast, and countless others, over the years.

What I would do with the brain isn’t possible in the game, because I take it with me for the perk I prefer, but I’d leave it there at Big MT either on occassion to help research, or when my own natural lifespan was running out, so I could continue to work towards rebuilding the world even beyond death. As I stated in my last post, I’d also look into seeing if there was a way to negate the corrosiveness of the biogel sustaining the brain tissue, because I wouldn’t want to lose my mind when that’s all I had left. If I couldn’t find a way to do so within a century or two, I’d probably just “die” for good rather than risk going into a chassis like the Think Tank and similarly misplacing my marbles for no raisin, err, reason.

Lonesome Road: Story wise, I’d sacrifice ED-E and stop the missiles, while also sparing Ulysess, because even if I am playing a character who hates the guy, making him live with his failures is more cruel; while also being more kind if you teach him to live with those mistakes. But gameplay wise, I tend to leave ED-E in the stasis pod so I can get the Lonesome Road perk, since I usually play sans companions, and he still transmits his memories AND upgrades to the Mojave version regardless of what you do in the ending. So it’s not really a sacrifice even if you do make the little guy (or gal) short circuit. Heck, at least he doesn’t suffer an electrical death if you leave him there. But if I don’t… well, fuck the Legion.

That’s typically what I do, but if RPing a pure Good or total Evil character, I’d probably do some things differently. But that’s the usual, so there ya go!

The Lonesome Road part is the only one I don’t feel confident in, because, really, you get better rewards if you nuke everything as opposed to just one side or nothing, so that’s pretty messed up. Although that does make it an actual choice for the player

Note to Self

Don’t mention health, or else the migraine monster comes around and decides to make himself at home, even though he’s already here everyday. Urgghhhh..

What do you fear?

I said I’d do a follow-up to this post, and here it is..

First, a little background. I’ve been in and out of hospitals for most of my life. Among other situations, my temperature went up to nearly 110F due to a bad medicine reaction as a toddler, and if it wasn’t for my mother quickly getting me into a tub filled with ice, I wouldn’t be typing to you all now. Another time, a different medicine (which was pulled from the market) caused me to literally go berserk, and punch a dent into the side of the refrigerator. Yes, again, as a toddler. And then there was the kidney stones where I missed months of schooling and they had to come out the hard way, and, well, I could be here all day and night listing the stuff that almost killed me (or actually did, and I came back from it).

Oh, and there was also 9/11. Yes, that day. I had graduated college and went for a job interview with MetLife, who had offices on the 87th floor of the North Tower. But since there would be a 2 hour commute from Pennsylvania to NYC, and they ALSO wanted me to work across the river in Jersey City, I opted to not take the job, since I felt it’d be too much work for too little payout. As it turns out, this was a good decision, because I would have been in the office at sometime between 7:30 and 8 AM, and the planes hit about an hour after that. In that exact spot.

Basically, the Reaper has had me on speed-dial for my entire life, so even though I do sometimes get surprised by a “jump scare”, I don’t feel any actual, real fear from most experiences. Much like Littlepip herself, I’ve simply seen and experienced enough awful things that it takes a lot to actually terrify me.

And as it so happens, we both share the same thing that scares us the most; and that is losing what makes us, us.

In the case of the story of Fallout: Equestria, this was demonstrated most vividly when Littlepip’s cutie mark was nearly scorched off. I might need to do another post going into further detail on this, but basically, a pony’s cutie mark helps defines what they are. Even though Littlepip felt somewhat ambivalent towards hers, it doesn’t change the fact that it embodies her sense of self. And having it damaged like that felt like an attack on her very being.

This mindset, originally fanon, wound up becoming canon in MLP itself, as we’ve seen whenever a pony’s cutie mark is damaged, destroyed or altered. It seriously fucks them up in a way that’s probably difficult for most humans to imagine. But I can. It’s an attack on their soul, on the essence of what makes them an individual, not just some silly magic flank tattoo.

And so, that is what Littlepip.. the character and the mod alike, truly fear the most, and that is losing what we are. I can live with the constant pains and medical issues, as long as I am still myself. If my mind were to go… well, then I wouldn’t want to continue on, unless there was some hope of recovery, because I’d no longer be me. My equine alter-ego is the same way; any failure, any suffering can be endured.. with only that loss being the one which truly would cause despair.

So… what do YOU fear most?

Dramatic Headline: Internet under attack! Are your children next?! Story at eleven!

If you’re having trouble playing your favorite online games or watching Netflix in the last day or two, there seems to be a buncha stupid wannabe hackers messing with various services on the Internet. And by that, I mean the freakin’ FBI is getting involved since they also called in bomb threats on some Sony Online executives. What, did he take your Cloudsong away or something? (NSFW & loud) *sighs*

Actually a Dark Age of Camelot item, not Warcraft OR EverQuest, but eh, whatever. And you thought the Onyxia guy freaked out.. sheesh!

So much for the Diablo III gold bonus, then, since Battle.net is also being hit. At least I can play stuff like New Vegas and Borderlands 2 offline..

… canon in Equestria? Yes.

Season 4, Episode 9. Also around the time when the Apple clan is warning Pinkie Pie about a cave up ahead filled with all sorts of “horrible monsters”, too. Yeah, I think that dude would qualify.

It would also explain his existence, as an interdimensional entity. And how he got into the SPP in the first place; although, interestingly, this means I basically predicted something that happened in the show years in advance; just as Fo:E has with many things. Cool!

And before you go.. “Oh, it’s just a background joke!”, just remember that’s where we got Derpy from! And the comics have their own version, with The Observers from Fringe in the background of MANY panels and even some covers. Look on the far left, and the fact he lacks a tail..

Hey, Littlepip, what would you do if a bunch of invincible bloodthirsty animatronic animals started roaming about the inside of the SPP?

After an encounter with Slendermane a year ago (who yes, IS canon), I find it difficult to be frightened by some goofy looking retarded robot animals. Yeah, they’re creepy and a bit unsettling, but scary? Meh.

Then again, Homage dared me to read the entirety of The Crossed webcomic series (super, major NSFW; like Ao-rating levels of fucked-up-shit, I’m warning you) before sleeping the other night and I didn’t have a single nightmare then or since, so maybe I’ve just seen enough awful things that I’m immune to most horror. I was still bothered by it, of course. I’m not a freakin’ sociopath; but I wasn’t scared by it.

As for what I actually DO fear (both in-character and out, the answer is the same)… I’ll answer that in a follow-up post, since someone else asked me that too.

So how come you haven't done a list of your favorite/recommended mods for New Vegas? Or did I just miss that?


Just my own, plus the (updated) 4 GB patch and stutter remover. Which requires NVSE, though I don’t use any of it’s functions myself. I’m getting permission from others to use their fixes if it’s something that required their skill to make, like Nivea’s Dog Eye Fix, but otherwise I’m trying to do as much as possible myself.

A problem with bugfix compilations is that, since they’re made by different authors, they all have different, often inconsistent ways of doing things. That’s obviously not an issue with me handling it all, and when I DO integrate anothers’ work, I change it so it blends in perfectly with everything else. The player never sees 99% of this internal stuff, but I do, and it can help performance if the methods employed are optimized and standardized (caching and all that).

Well, that, and I’m also doing content restorations and balance changes, and you can’t do those things in a vacuum unless you wanna break the game’s balance. Changing perks to every-level means you become an unstoppable god of destruction by level 15, unless you tweak almost every perk to accommodate such a situation. Something which, apparently, Bethesda did not do in Fallout 3.. along with the horribly unbalanced perk choices themselves..

So Kkat basically set up the perfect staging ground for a New Vegas type story, right? I mean, the NCR and the Followers are established in the end, we hear that the zebras have a government with ranks taken from Caesar's Legion, and the zebra homelands -- having been destroyed by Celestia One -- would probably be mostly desert. It feels as if the only thing holding back this type of story is a confirmation from either the show or Kkat on how zebra society works. Very secretive that subject is.

Sort of, but then again, the events of the Fallout games themselves were always moving towards what we see in New Vegas, and that is the results of the world being rebuilt. One thing that seperates Fallout from other post-apocalyptic settings is that, despite the fact that war never changes, the world can (and canonically is) made better by the actions of a few determined individuals. Sometimes just one.

Of course, one of the many other draws of the series is that even though “good” endings are the real ones, there’s little to nothing stopping you from being a total bastard and dooming everyone and everything you come into contact with. Although the karma system has always been fubar; and is why they switched to Reputation for Fallout 2 and New Vegas; actual, “true morality" is something that matters and is reasonably implemented in the series. Bugs with karma in NV (which I’m fixing!) and the theme-park nature of it in Fallout 3 tend to distract folks from this, however.

Kkat herself sometimes posts on fimfiction.net with some ideas she’s brainstormed for a sequel to Fallout: Equestria, but even she doesn’t “lock” herself into any of them, because retcons are not fun. There’s so many different ways the story can continue, and, honestly, as much as I’d love to be reading new chapters, I applaud her for stopping when she did.

This is also why I am hesitant to answer certain questions; because then I’d be taking away from her ability to write her own story, if she ever chooses to continue it. I might “be” Littlepip, but I did not create the character, nor do I own it (although I do get defensive of her), and I strive to NOT disrespect her in running this blog.

It’d be bad enough taking on the persona of another’s creation, but if you’re going to do it and shit all over the author and/or their work? That is the apex of doucheness.

Skip to 1:14 .. for some reason it didn’t accept the time variable and won’t let me edit it.

No, Blizzard! Bad Gearbox! I have a Tumblr to update! A mod to work on! Stop.. STAHP!

I woulda used the original quote but I already did a while ago, so have a reference video instead. And, as usual, avoid the toxic YT comments. There be trolls in them thar hills.

In case you’re wondering what’s the big deal with Diablo and Borderlands, well, just check those links, and see what’s going on. Oh, and while I’m at it, if you’ve got Pokemon X and/or Y, be sure to check the Mystery Gift too.


So we managed to get the Fallout art director, Mr. Leonard Boyarsky, to pen one of the portraits for the game. Obviously we are big fans of Leonard’s talent.

Just in case you needed another reason to buy Wasteland 2.


So we managed to get the Fallout art director, Mr. Leonard Boyarsky, to pen one of the portraits for the game. Obviously we are big fans of Leonard’s talent.

Just in case you needed another reason to buy Wasteland 2.

In the midst of reinstalling Windows, as I hadn’t done so in months and typically do more often than that, so.. doing that right now!

Now you guys are probably wondering, “Hey, no fair! We answered your question, so what’s one of YOUR favorite game songs?”.. and, well..

There’s just so much out there which is incredible, like, the entirety of the Mega Man II soundtrack. Seriously, if you’ve got 45 minutes to spare, watch that. They not only go through a musical endurance gauntlet, but they have a friend playing through the entire game on a single life at the same time, with virtually no screw ups and the music to match. I especially like how they injected some Mega Man III and later games’ songs into parts of the oriignal where existing tracks repeated.

My pick, though, would be ‘Terra’s Theme’ from Final Fantasy VI. It forms the core of a lot of that game’s tracks, and each one hits a different emotion. Sadness, as in this rendition of the opening sequence, or the very Neverwinter Nights-ish epic as produced by freakin’ Jeremy Soule (probably best known for his work on The Elder Scrolls and various Bioware titles, including NWN). The video above is another version, showing how the same melody can tug at the heartstrings in different ways.

I could really go on forever here, as there’s just many, many videogame themes I greatly enjoy, but if you asked me what ONE I personally like the best, it’d be this.

And yes, this obviously includes the basic, unmodified theme.

Since Tumblr is informing me that today is National Aviation Day, there’s only way to celebrate it; the American way, by blowing shit up! Enjoy the Boomers bombing the ever-living hell out of Caesar’s Legion during (part of) the finale of Fallout: New Vegas via a B29 Superfortress introducing itself.

And yes, THAT specific plane does actually exist, and is still there!


We at Overmare Studios have posted our new pre-alpha gameplay demo video today after a small delay. We hope you enjoy our early work thus far.

Some interesting design choices, such as using Unity instead of Gamebryo or Creation (which still has remnants of Fallout in it), but it does mean the creators are free to make things which break the “rules” of those engines. I know I, and many others, have run into certain barriers when modding, so a seperate executable would resolve that nicely.

The rest of it is pretty self-explanatory, and, honestly guys, I’m impressed. When I first heard about this project years ago, I really didn’t think it’d go very far. I try and be a “cynical optimist" about things, where I hope for the best, plan for the worst, and expect something else; and you all defied expectations. I’ve seen (and been involved with) a number of modding and TC projects which finished, and some which did not. The latter vastly outnumbers the former, as far as observation goes, and spans every game from Wolfenstein 3D on up to, well, anything available now.

Kudos to your team for sticking with it and actually producing something. Now, of course, comes the harder part, and that’s public scrutiny. Since this is an alpha, I’m not gonna go on my traditional Littlepip nitpicking spree (like the different ways her name is SPELLED, argh!), but. oh man. Those doors. “Stable Door”! Not “Stable door”! It’s just… inconsistent with everything else, both in your preview AND in the actual game! Hell, it’s a pseudo-bug I fixed in New Vegas!

Ok, I’ll stop being… whatever I was being a sentence or two above. Again, good job all, and g’luck! :)