How did the overmare become overmare? She looks like an ordinary pony to me.

Elected, but I believe she’s always been from the same family line, so pseudo-inherited too. Although that issue was going to cause a problem for the entire Stable in a few generations; you can’t keep any group in isolation for that long before everyone starts being related to one another.

And that’s a creepy topic so that’s all I’m gonna say on that.

To the mod: Have you played any games from the STALKER or Metro series?

Played ‘em? Yes. Gotten into them? Not yet.

My backlog of games is always growing, and there’s only so many hours in a day (or a lifetime) to spend!

Usual disclaimer that my Steam hours don’t always reflect my actual playtime in a game, since I might have played it on another platform (, Nintendo (3)DS, etc.), or in Steam’s offline mode (add a few hundred more hours to Fallout 3), or simply prior to having Steam, as is the case with the Baldur’s Gate and classic Fallout games.

So, hows the need for an MD pony down there? Didn't have much luck asking that to a certain crimson and black maned mare back in the day. too many falling boats injuries...

What about Mendelevium? Does Latin even exist in Equestria?

Oh, wait, you mean a doctor.. same as in any other world, really. Always needed, especially in times of crisis. Everything could be awesome and perfect, but natural disasters and simple accidents would still be happening, after all.


Sir Hammerlock: Ahem, yes, as my bulky companion here has stated, it speaks badly of your character if you don’t share this documentary with your friends.

So, between this and the recent release of the DS version of Final Fantasy IV on Steam, (and the promise to bring more of the series over; maybe the entire saga?!?) along with all the awesome stuff coming up like Smash Bros. and the Pokémon remakes, it’s going to be a pretty awesome time for gaming.

Littlepip’s Fixes v1.16

It’s time! Grab it here.

As usual, copying the “what’s new” summary, but be sure to check the actual Readme for details.

* Salient Green can now be used to make all types of harvestable plants, as well as fruits and vegetables (although the latter requires higher Survival skill for balance purposes). This also includes and updates previous changes to such pickable objects and their respawning.

* Performance adjustments made to the various explosive Detonators and their scripts to purge unneccessary items and halt NPC reactions to “firing” when there’s no actual explosive being used.

* Return of the old Adrenaline Rush perk from previous Fallouts in a new form, using an unused Vault Boy icon; boosts your damage based on your Energy, and also provides a bonus when your health is low. Pairs well with other “when-injured” perks.

* Barkskin from Fallout 3 is also restored, again with changes to balance it for the perk-a-level system. Supplements the Toughness perks.

* Mines created from Preserved Meats in Old World Blues also restored as a craftable with the Mad Bomber perk from GRA. Check the Readme for details on this odd addition.

* A multitude of fixes, performance tweaks and quality-of-life updates for Old World Blues, including a large reduction in the number of dialog boxes which freeze gameplay, objects and enemies that were toggled for the PS3 and XBox360 were restored for us PC players, and so on.



((Don’t worry about it! I’m always overwhelmed with the amount of asks I get, but I never want to turn ‘em off because it gives me so much variation. I feel bad for deleting the ones I do (besides the spammy ones of course) but I end up deleting so few that this happens


I do apologize if…

The exact same thing happens with me. Holding onto messages for a really long time so I can (eventually) reply to ‘em all, that is. Including the “Inbox fills up with a few hundred Asks” thing, too.

Just so I ain’t just talkin’ about myself, if you haven’t already, go check out the Doom Monsters page! It’s uh, relevant to mine ‘cause.. it’s.. id Software and Bethesda share the same owners.. and, uh.. Cyberdemon is a brony! Yeah, that’s it!

But seriously, good blog, amusing replies and art, and some of the monsters can actually be cute. :)

What is it about the male body you find so disgusting, Littlepip?

It’s just.. I’m attracted to Homage. Maybe if I hadn’t deluded myself with thoughts of Velvet Remedy for so long, and/or never met my true love, things might have been different. Maybe. I don’t know. Calamity? He’s my best friend, and so thinking about ‘em that way is weird, even if I wasn’t uncomfortable with, uh, certain equipment..

I am just failing at wording this right now, and I’ve tried to reply to this a few different ways.

Everypony’s sexuality is different, and what is suitable for one, doesn’t neccessarily work for another. That’s about the only thing I can say that makes any sense.. not much of an answer, sorry.

Do you want to build a snowmare?

Uhm, not particularly Anon; that’s a random thing to ask!

If this is a reference to something, I don’t get it.

EDIT: Oh. Well, I never saw Frozen, sorry.

I’ve seen most of Disney and Pixar’s stuff, but not all of it, and that’s one that falls into the latter category. How many of you have seen The Sword in The Stone or The Black Cauldron? And yet everyone’s familiar with “the furry Robin Hood”..

EDIT 2: My point was that Disney makes SO MUCH STUFF that it’s hard for anyone who isn’t specifically following them to have seen everything. I certainly wasn’t saying those films were of comparable quality; either of those movies I mentioned are often considered the black sheep of the animated canon.

In New Vegas, if you where to chose one gun to use for the entire game and you only had the chose between the .357 and the Cowboy Repeater, what gun would you chose?

I guess the .357, since Lucky is one of my favorites; and happens to be the gun that inspired Fallout: Equestria itself. Specifically, this picture of Applejack wielding it against some pony-Nightkin.

16 hours of bandit-shooting later.. oh hey, there’s that thing I have to do!

Do you enjoy killing?

I.. that was.. no!

There’s darkness inside me, just like everyone else. That doesn’t mean it controls or embodies what I actually am.

Some things are just worth fighting for; and fight for them I shall. It’s better I suffer such things, if it makes the world better for others. Particularly when it comes to ending lives in the process of doing so. I don’t enjoy killing, but with a purpose, it’s a chore like any other.

Did I enjoy Autumn Leaf’s death at my hooves? No. Would I do it again? Yes.

When someone creates some good art but there’s words involved and the grammar is atrocious…

On Trigger Discipline (Fallout: NV Trait)

Follow-up to last post:

The reason it’s not as good as it could be is because already-accurate weapons get a very small improvement (or none!), while those which aren’t accurate are boosted by a much more noticeable degree.

It basically means that it’s better for spray-and-pray guns like SMGs, and not the rifles that you’d imagine it’d be better for. Also, it increases the AP cost of firing any such weaponry in V.A.T.S., which further pushes it’s usefulness down for large guns (which have a higher cost) versus automatic weapons. This AP penalty is bugged in the unmodded game to apply to EVERYTHING, even melee and Unarmed, but I’ve fixed that with my mod and also noted it in the description.

However, with my mod I also changed the various perks like Gunslinger and Commando to improve your accuracy; specifically the spread of guns.. to be lower all the time, not just higher V.A.T.S. targeting numbers, so you have those as options.

tl;dr: Trigger Discipline is ironically better for faster, less accurate guns than the slower, more precise ones you’d imagine it being suited for, while the reverse is true for Fast Shot. And whether you play the vanilla game or with my mod, it’s best to supplement both with other perks to negate the penalties.

And don’t choose both either, or the math winds up giving you nothing BUT penalties!

In response to this post where I solicited ideas for Fallout perks based on Borderlands (2) skills..

Unfortunately, the game only supports “on kill” effects specifically for giving AP after using V.A.T.S., which is normally used for Grim Reaper’s Sprint. So unless NVSE supports it; and I am avoiding using that library for my mod, because I want to fix things in the engine itself; I cannot do anything like Metal Storm upon slaying an enemy.

However, wrath0fhad3s had a great idea suggesting Gunzerker skills, because I CAN apply stuff like Keep It Piping Hot to Fallout, and basing it instead on AP. The game is capable of distinguishing between “normal” combat and V.A.T.S. mode, which means I can make this a perk which gives you a small boost when your AP isn’t full, and a larger one when aiming in real time. This also creates an interesting dynamic, where you deliberately are expending your AP rapidly and often, to get a damage boost whenever it’s regenerating. Good suggestion!

level1cleric: Yup, I want to add more perks which give you bloodied bonuses, cause that also leads to more interesting ways of playing the game besides save scumming or avoiding damage altogether. I pretty much always strive to take perks like Nerd Rage! in Fallout 3 and New Vegas alike, so being able to create an entire character who gets tougher as they get weaker appeals to me.

I also greatly enjoyed talents on my Paladin back before they dumbed the game down which made you more durable as your HP dropped, so this appears to be a gameplay mechanic that I universally enjoy. I wonder if my own health problems are a factor in this bias?

serpomiz: Hmm, maybe. While Anarchy is a popular skill for the Mechromancer, how many people who play NV honestly choose Trigger Discipline over Fast Shot? You’d think the comparison would be better with the latter than the former, but it’s the other way around due to how those perks work in the game. Yes, the less-accurate perk is better for snipers and other slower firearms than the more-accurate one!

More word-wordings this evenin’!


Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

Additional details, particularly for non-U.S. denizens of the Internet, can be found at The Register’s story here.