Littlepip’s Fixes v1.14

Or v1.14a, rather, as a minor bug was found a few hours after uploading it late yesterday evening. Grab it here, and be sure to check the Readme for the details!

As usual, here’s a cut-and-paste of the new features in summary form:

* Every Challenge in both the base game and the DLC now properly awards an appropriate amount of XP (a handful were awarding none, or were supposed to give some but the script was fubar).

* Master Trader from previous Fallouts has been restored and improved; now gives a smaller discount to purchases, but slows durability loss as you’ve learned to maximize your items’ value.

* Two more Fallout 3 quest perks restored via new Challenges.

* Various corrections to the Dynamite textures (also used in Time Bombs) courtesy of DevastatinDave. Thanks Dave!

* Elemental damage types such as Electric and Frost now properly factor in your resistances. Direct damage resistance was working, but not against the DoT parts.

* Various “beauty” options enabled on all placeable water types in the game and DLC, making water look much better on high detail settings.

* Unique shovel restored, and either can be used to dig up any graves. All such graves now have loot and properly require the shovel, too.

* AI improvements, including the standard combat styles being able to use Stealth Boys now.

* Marcus in Jacobstown is bigger, stronger, smarter and actually equipped the same way he was in Fallout 2. If using mods that replace his textures, load them after this one.

* Skilled is no longer game-breakingly OP, nor can you exploit it to get skill boosts from it multiple times. Still a powerful, but not-so-mandatory choice.

* A tremendous number of fixes and updates to Old World Blues content, covering all the weapons and armor available, and then some.

* “The usual” slew of improvements and performance tweaks to previous updates, including more one-time-only firing scripts and triggers deleting themselves after execution, for smaller savegames and faster load times.

Have you managed to figure out trains yet?

Can I ever reply any better than this?

I've recently started playing Fallout 3 for the first time after finally getting it working, and going into Arefu was a very odd experience. Of course, I was expecting Arbu, so what I found there was almost more surprising than if I had known nothing. Really, the whole experience has been quite interesting.

That was done on purpose, actually, to throw off people who HAD played Fo3 and were expecting Fo:E’s version to be the same. There is an equivalent in the Capitol Wasteland, but I won’t name it so when you get there, you are actually surprised. Maybe. The “secret" isn’t very well hidden..

This is tumblr Lil'Pip it's where all the 4chan unoriginal content winds up last and nobody who started here knows it. Also, someday I will steal that hat. Mark my words.

Yeah, and I even responded to ‘em on his page and pointed out the oddness of his comments, and then he.. took it literally. This coming from the same guy who wished death upon an otherkin (who, granted, ARE weird even by furry standards, but death, really?) and has various other posts calling women “bitches”..

Oh well, time to ignore then and move on. Clearly a child in maturity, if not physical age, although I’m guessing he’s that, too.

EDIT: Oh, right, gotta acknowledge the hat comment. Uhm, you’re welcome to, but it’s bound to me! :P

The wasteland will benefit without you. (No seriously kid fuck off fallout doesn't need ponies they got wiped out.)

Uhm, ok?

As a fan of both series for a very long time, I could actually see your point of view if Fallout: Equestria was simply “turning everything into ponies”. In fact, that is the weakest point of the first chapter or three, which I’ve stated before, ‘cause it appears to be just “Fallout 3 WITH PONIES!”, but after that point it quickly becomes it’s own thing, blending elements of the entire franchise together into one, newer, awesome whole.

Some instances of “ponification”, which is a rule of the Internet by now, don’t you know? goddamn newfags .. are simply that, and I can see why a non-fan would be annoyed by such. But at the same time, can’t you appreciate high quality works in media or regarding subjects you dislike?

I think stuff like Homestuck (PS was better dammit), Minecraft and MOBAs in general are overrated, but that isn’t going to make me deny the talent that comes forth from those who make good art, create in-game computers, or generally do some breathtaking work with the same things I’m not into.

I’m sure actual fans of those things can find better examples, as those links were just the result of a very brief search.

The tl;dr of all of this is, hey, you don’t have to like ponies, or Fallout: Equestria, or whatever. But don’t knock it simply for containing a single element you dislike. There’s exceptions to everything, and you don’t know if they apply to you if you dismiss ‘em immediately.

Also, since you’re gonna nitpick, we don’t actually know the status of equines in the Fallout world as a whole, only in certain areas where they are confirmed extinct. There’s tribes like the Dead Horses, but then you get things like Avellone stating that the presence of them in All Roads was probably a mistake, but he doesn’t say they’ve been completely wiped out everywhere, either. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence and all.

EDIT: Also apparently the newfag thing went right over OP’s head, since, ya know, I figured they’d understand since their blog is filled with stuff from 4chan, but, I guess I assumed too much. Let me explain. The Internet Hate Machine has a habit of calling everything fags. Even stuff they like. Hence, the “drawfag” threads and such on the more creative boards. It’s more of a term of endearment than actual malice in such instances, as I was using it.

How terribly awful of me to use the same terminology of a community you reblogged multiple times on your own site.

That’s not to say that words can’t be hateful. I despise use of the n-word because of it’s history, even when used in jest, for example, so maybe I was a bit wrong for using such an appelation, even sarcastically. But, still, dude, chill out, ok? Disagreements aren’t personal attacks. You can like what you like, and I can like what I like.

See all those links in my post? They’re there for a reason. To clarify what I am saying, and to make my points. Maybe actually read what I wrote and linked to instead of taking it as more than it is? Hell, I was gonna commend you on your good taste in having a BattleTech background and all, but you need to relax first.

so I'm guessing that the organizers of dashcon like to play with balls a lot.

halp I’ve fallen in the ball pit and I can’t get up

I don’t normally post stuff like this or that, but I just had to get it off my chest. I should probably avoid Greenlight and just stick to Jim’s vids..

It’s just feels like history repeating in gaming, and not in a good way.

Which MOBA wound your gears up so hard that it caused such a rant? O.o

Just the game-type as a whole, really. It took an idea that was interesting on it’s own and never developed beyond that.

I like RPGs, it doesn’t mean I want every single one ever to be linear. Or a sandbox. Or an MMO.

I like strategy games, it doesn’t mean I want every single one to be real time. Or turn-based. Small scale or large scale.

I like instrumental music, but it doesn’t mean I want to never hear anything but the same 4 or 5 classics ever again.

The MOBA formula is stale, and it’s infecting everything around it; that’s my problem. Two sides fighting over static emplacements on a mirrored map that never changes, with the “reinforcements” streaming endlessly and mindlessly towards the other side. You build up the guys you control (and have to do this every match), and that’s it.

I skipped over the toxic social environment and other failings of these titles because there’s “bad fans” of everything, and I’m sure SOME games have good communities and ways to play that don’t get you ostracized for not devoting your life to it. I hope.

And, again, it takes away from a game type I DO enjoy. Warcraft III games seem to be rare now, and StarCraft II I prefer in single-player, cause the multi is all about just rushing your opponent as fast as possible, or mass-producing all the lower and medium tier ones and THEN doing the same thing. Simple and stupid is the rule of the roost now.

Games like DoTA 2 and LoL just feel like they’re stuck in a cycle of “No items. Fox only. Final Destination”, with all the POTENTIAL being wasted. Why can’t someone on your team control the creeps? Why are you unable to fortify your towers, or build up new ones? Why make everyone start at level 1 when you could start them at 5 or 10 or something so that the first 10-15 (or even 20 in extreme cases) matches aren’t all the same freakin’ thing.. grinding mindless mobs? Why aren’t there more maps, and for the games that actually do have more, why not different layouts, or ways to change the routes taken?

And these are just some things I thought of within a few minutes! I’m sure people who actually enjoy these kinda games could come up with new game modes, maps or other ways to play which aren’t the same old, same old.

And yes, this affects people who don’t play these games, because it leads to companies churning out more and more of these titles, or altering their existing franchises to cater to the “fad”. Not to mention shit like the TF2 servers going down everytime there’s a big patch, but since DoTA 2 is the big moneymaker now, it doesn’t have that issue. Even though it’s the game where those items are just cosmetic and don’t let you change your classes’ role (playing “Engineer-helper Pyro” is VERY different from “ambush” Pyro or “pure offense” Pyro, and that’s just one classes examples).

I DIDN’T want to single out Valve in my examples, because this is an industry-wide problem being caused by these games in various ways. The same way the glut of linear, real-is-brown “modern” FPS titles dumbed things down too.

The glorification and hype over these games just magnifies these problems. It’s like saying the guy who can pull off a 99-hit combo in Killer Instict has the same talent as the one who does the same in Skullgirls. They’re completely different tiers of skill since one lets you easily lock an opponent into a stun-loop and the other doesn’t.

A MOBA is an RTS without the S. Coordination is about the only thing truly being employed, and even that is limited to “everyone gank the same guy” or “everyone follow the mindless AIs out of the base every few minutes and let them take the hits”. They consider splitting the heroes to attack two points at once brilliance, when that’s baby tactics any beginner learns in a real game. DoTA and it’s kind are checkers compared to chess, but it’s getting the praise that chess gets.

And THAT is just a few more of the things that bother me about it. I can at least appreciate genres of games, music, movies, literature, and so on that I don’t personally like. But I just.. can’t.. with these.

WARNING! A New Rant Is Approaching!

Imagine an online-only game with a hundred classes, but you can only ever play 2fort or dust or something, and for the first ten or so minutes you can’t actually go after the enemy team or else you’ll get slaughtered. But both sides will still pretend to war and shoot one another a bit. Your access to these classes may or may not be behind a paywall, and even if they aren’t, expect to see only a tiny fraction of these in an average game, let alone ever.

Every item is just a reskin or worse, a palette swap, and the other team can ban your favorite classes because fuck you. Speaking of which, it’s generally impossible to play what you want, even without such bans, since the class roles are defined in such a way that you CANNOT win without certain ones. Not helped by the aforementioned lack of items that vary in any way besides appearance, so you can’t add or alter those roles.

You also control your character with an interface designed for a simulation or strategy game, but you never actually build anything, and rarely, if ever, control more than one unit at a time. No matter how good you are, or how you much you dominate in a duel, it’s only the final blow that truly matters. Things like high-ground, cover or coming from an alternate direction either don’t exist or don’t make much of a difference since the two sides are flat mirrors of one another, and where that varies, the terrain is large enough that you have to be an idiot to not move a few feet over.

And despite all of this, the game is more popular than John Lennon and Jesus combined, and is somehow regarded as taking the apex of talent to play professionally. of which an even more absurd number of people do so, dragging the spotlight away from far more engaging and deep games.

These reasons and more are why MOBAs can go to hell.

They took a single cool little thing from RTS games, the hero class, and stretched it into this.. abomination. This shit is why they KEEP MAKING THESE games; it’s like the whole “WoW was popular, so let’s turn everything into an MMO!" phase all damn over again.

INFO: The only reason I have any time in DoTA 2 myself is because I take advantage of events and sell items to people who actually want to pay money for things that do nothing in a game that does nothing. This makes sense in some games, like long-running MMOs, or even to a lesser-extent an FPS like TF2, but those titles aren’t limited to “do the exact same thing on the exact same map forever”!

If your severed leg hadn't grown back, what would you have replaced it with?


(Art by CSImadmax)

Obviously. I might never have asked for this.

Although it wouldn’t be that simple, of course, given reservations about something like having a cutie mark burned; cybernetics would feel even more like losing one’s soul..

I was wondering why the hell there aren’t a billion mods bringing back the Rock-It Launcher, when it’s assets in New Vegas are all there except for a single entity, which would seemingly make it easier to bring back than the others I’ve already done. So I start porting over the values from Fallout 3, and they even retain the same ID #’s, which makes it quick and easy. Then I fire up the GECK and.. hard crash to desktop the moment I try to edit it.

Apparently, a consequence of New Vegas actually having an ammunition system means that you CANNOT use Miscellaneous items as fodder anymore. A full conversion from Fallout 3 would mean there’d need to be duplicate ammo AND projectiles of every usable item for it. And probably recipes to convert them each. And there’s a lot. And even if I did THAT, you couldn’t fire random stuff non-stop; you’d fire all of a given object, then move onto the next in sequence.

And then I thought, well, why not take it in a different direction? We’ve already got darts and spikes; how about a cannon, ala Serious Sam? Cannonballs are rather low-tech, so they’re the sort of thing you could manufacture easily enough if you had the means, and we don’t need them to go for miles, just far enough to gib a Fiend or three.

So what if such things would be far larger than the firehose nozzle that’s supposedly blasting them out of the gun? That never stopped the Lone Wanderer from shooting Basketballs and Gas Tanks out of it!

Plus, it turns out that there’s real variants of this shot which correspond to the three primary uses you’d have in the game.. standard (a normal cannonball), canister rounds (anti-personnel), and carcass (incendiary).

A rough-hewn sphere, a crude-looking bullet thing, and another sphere with some holes in it for the flames to shoot out of. that’s what I’d need. There’s tons more, but these three would cover all these situations ingame nicely. The problem? I ain’t a modeller.

Know anyone who is?

Could you make a post about Brisineo's FoE: The Line comic?

Does this reply count? :)

I honestly try not to reference other fics / comics / stories too much here unless they’re one-shot or something, although I’ll make an exception for the sake of humor sometimes; not because they’re bad or I hate the idea. I don’t want to seem like I’m being unfair or playing favorites. As Littlepip, I’m representing Kkat, and she “loves all her children equally”, so I strive to maintain the same level of dignity and respect for all content creators, within reason.

Note: This doesn’t include my interaction with other Tumblrs. Even ones based on existing stories tend to vary, due to the nature of the whole Ask system here, so they “don’t count”. So while I won’t be talking much or at all about Murky Number Seven, the fic, you can be damn sure I’m gonna try and help the little guy out in this corner of the multiverse, cause that’s what Littlepip does, like Kkat herself does. Inspire.

For example, many of my artist friends have done cover art for various Fo:E sidestories, or even pivotal moments in the chapters; but what about all those ones whose art is done by people I DON’T know? How fair would that be, and how would that make aspiring writers feel, if the only way to get known is to BE already known?

I always like to refer people to this post for my stance on canon, and the policy I go by for this blog to treat ya’ll fairly.

So, sure, here’s a plug for that story for Bris (who’s done art for me and has created stuff I’ve used with permission: this was the blog’s background for a few months), but, again, please see the stuff I said above regarding my desire to be fair.

If you’re looking for more Fo:E content, the two best places are the official sites: the Fo:E Resource located here, and the DA art gallery here.

Hope that explains why I do or do not post things sometimes. Like any other rule, there’s always exceptions, but these are the standards I try and follow in the interest of being good to all.

I’m not sure what’s worse, hearing Dr. Dala ingame or reading the script notes in the code. Oh dear sweet merciful heavens, some of these voice directions; and the lines!

Try hitting her with a low-powered weapon, so you get responses instead of uh, dying. Just.. see how she reacts. Oh God! *shudder*

Yeah, I’m working on Old World Blues fixes for my mod now. And also, while I love OWB and the voicework and all, there’s no denying the fact that ALL of the Think Tank are screwed up in their own way.


Holy fuck this is a splendid thing. From the packaging, to the Dagwood Splits the Atom comic, to a government-promoted pamphlet called “Prospecting for Uranium”  to the fact that there are multiple forms of uranium included, it’s just… I don’t… GUH. There’s a geiger counter, an electroscope, a miniature cloud chamber, a spinthariscope… I don’t even. 

"Science kits these days don’t contain many items that you couldn’t already find around the house: salt, balloons, magnets and a few odds and ends. But kids who were lucky enough to have wealthy parents in the early 1950s had the unprecedented chance to play with uranium ore in this very cool science kit. The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab was only sold from 1951 to 1952, and at the time its $50 price tag was too steep for many families.”

So they discontinued it. Nowadays, on auction sites, full kits go for thousands of dollars to avid collectors.


Some folks wonder how in the hell they could have been so obssessed with atomic energy in the Fallout world, despite knowing about radiation and the threat posed by nuclear weapons. Well, it’s because in the real world, there actually was a time when it was everywhere. This is yet another example, and perhaps the most blatant, since they were literally giving children uranium to play with! Go America!