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Stephen Colbert to host The Late Show

Wow. That came out of nowhere. I mean, it makes sense. The man is a comedy icon, and has repeatedly demonstrated his amazing skill in both serious situations, and not-so-serious ones. But if he isn’t being the “Colbert” character; THAT will be interesting to see, since he’s been someone not-himself for the last decade. Mostly.

And if he continues to make his amazingly geeky shoutouts and demonstrate that he actually IS a genius, not merely a comic one, then we might just have the newest, best thing to watch on television in the evening.

What are you going to do now?

The same thing we do every night, Anon!

Littlepip, how do you deal with guilt? When one has blood on their hooves, can they ever feel clean again?

You don’t. Every failure, every mistake, lives with you.

The first 40 seconds of that video in particular. The DCAU was so damn awesome.

But you can’t give up, or take the coward’s way out.* What you can do is to live for those who didn’t, and to do everything in your power to make things better for those who are still alive. And to prevent mistakes made in the past, by you, or others; from happening again.

* = As with almost anything else, there’s exceptions, which I won’t go into right now..

Out of curiosity, what was your father like?

I don’t know.

And I’ve never been able to get a straight answer from anypony as to who he is, or was, and whatever happened to ‘em. Nor was I ever able to find much in the way of records. It is a mystery.

OOC: Littlepip’s mother is basically like Ellen DeLoria in Fallout 3, but like in that game, it’s never elaborated upon as to who the other parent is, or what happened to him if he’s no longer around.

Are you Kkat or just some fan that ADR an ask littlepip blog?

A fan who’s a friend of Kkat and who speaks with her on issues pertaining to the blog, so not quite one or the other?

When I started this years ago (yeah, it’s been that long!) the story was still ongoing, and she only rarely got to answer questions about the world and it’s background. Plus, she’s a very private and reserved individual, and even to this day generally avoids making new accounts around the Internet to avoid being stalked/trolled/harassed/etc.

Long story short, I made this blog to expand upon the setting, while also freeing her up from being constantly questioned when she was trying to actually write the story itself.

I was one of those always-in-the-channel Anons of the Google chat pointing out errors, discussing lore, and otherwise offering feedback when the story was still being written. I later “met” Kkat a bit after that, when I had started this site and gotten approval on it from her.

It’s an old post, but I still feel this one about canon in Fo:E best describes how to handle the multitude of spinoffs and additional content, including this very site. And yes, this includes posts that Kkat herself now makes over on FiMFiction, which you might be interested in.

Before you were thrown into the fray of the Wasteland, did you have any friends in your Vault?

Not really. There were other ponies that I “knew”, and I guess you could say I had a few acquaintances, but nopony that I’d really consider a friend like Calamity or Velvet Remedy. Between my own anxiety about my cutie mark and my mother’s gossiping (as well as her alcoholism); the magic of friendship wasn’t something I had much experience with in the Stable.

And yes, that does make the fact that I was the “spark” that brought together the Elements of Harmony, as well as the disparate factions of the wasteland to form the NCR, rather ironic. But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Hey howdy, Littlepip! I've got a question for ya. Now, I know you have never been to the zebra homeland (the S.P.P. sounds quite constricting) but what do you think it's like nowadays?

I don’t know, actually, nor does anyone else that I know of. But what I think is that it’s basically like Equestria was before the Gardens were activated along with the SPP. Just, ya know, minus the cloud cover, since they didn’t have pegasi keeping the sky sealed up for nearly two centuries.

I’m afraid I can’t give a better answer than that, as we know hardly anything about their culture beyond what little was gleaned from immigrants before the megaspells hit, and those were rare as well. This lack of understanding was a major factor in what led to the war, besides the resources conflict, too. Celestia tells me that Zecora was the only zebra in Ponyville, and her arrival caused quite a stir..

So in the end, what exactly happened? Are you able to get in and out of that SSP super computer pod thing and move freely around, or are you trapped in there forever?

Yes and no.

When I first entered the SPP, I assumed that I’d have to lock myself into the control pod and essentially enter a coma-like state for the next century or two until the weather and other controllable factors were stable enough to work on their own (and to prevent any Enclave remnants from simply taking over again). I wasn’t aware of Celestia’s soul being imbued into the main control console, nor did I know that the SPP could be used while conscious, although it’s very tiring to do so.

These things are covered in the final chapter and epilogue, but many outside sources seem to go off assumptions about what things would be like, and presume that I can’t leave. I can, but see below for the reasons why not.

And all the exposure to injury, Taint and other assorted nastiness over the course of my adventure has left me in the strange situation of being somewhat frail, yet biologically immortal; or at the very least, long-lived. Now pair that with the way the SPP’s control pod effectively puts you into a sort of stasis (which would allow anypony to live longer than normal), and I.. am going to be around for a long time.

I don’t actually leave this place, at least so far, because of the risks involved. The aforementioned weakness means that I might not survive the whole “being engulfed in flames to bypass the soul-powered barrier” thing, and even if I do, well, if I get killed while I’m outside the SPP, it’d force one of my friends to take up the role. And I’m not going to demand that kind of sacrifice from anypony else, because that’s my role in the story of my life.

Plus, I promised I wouldn’t leave Celestia alone until I figured out a way for her to no longer be alone. And I keep my promises.

Do you fear the goats and their dark rituals?


Ever heard of a slave called Murky Number Seven? How do you think that meeting would go?

Yes, and while there’s only so much I can do from here, I’ve tried to send him words of encouragement whenever possible. I haven’t been able to determine if the events of his story take place in the same exact universe as mine or merely a parallel one. Regardless, it’s at an earlier time, and I’d offer the kind words either way to anyone suffering in such a situation.

I’ve used this video before, but it feels appropriate; a time to “begin again” with Tumblr.

So, what the hell has been going on, you may wonder? Well, what started as a brief break to take care of various online and offline obligations spiralled into a whole slew of other issues. I mentioned a while back that my mother had to have cancer-related surgery; well, then my older sister had to have not one, but two surgeries for other, unrelated problems, which was also potentially life-threatening. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of problems I don’t really care to go into, because, well, I and my family made it through (so far, at least), and you don’t come here for all of that.

In more positive news, there’s been a ton of major gaming-related announcements and releases in the past few weeks and months (as well as some very WTF moments), so that’s been tremendously time-consuming as well.

Rumors about Fallout 4, of course, but nothing that I can personally confirm or that come from a reliable source, as well as stuff like the phenomenal Diablo III expansion and Patch 2.0, which makes the game tremendously addictive and fun. The FTL expansion went live today, which also improves upon the game in basically every way (and has Chris Avellone as a writer), the recent Obsidian-developed South Park RPG, which I took the time to do as much as possible in and even did a whole series of start-to-finish-screenshots.. and so on and so forth. It’s just been a fantastic time for quality games, so, at least I’ve been able to drown out the negativity of reality with entertainment.

Which brings everything back around here to Tumblr. Gonna terminate the other blog because, well, it just wasn’t seeing any use, and set up some new policies on this one.

Basically, you can ask me, or rather, Littlepip, whatever you want, about whatever you want, and I’ll answer it in-character. This doesn’t have to be about Fallout: Equestria or any of the usual things; if you want like, advice on something, ask her about it! That should result in some more interesting writing challenges for myself, as well as a larger variety of things for you, the readers, to submit, while also giving me a bigger pool of writing to wade into.

So.. let’s begin again, shall we?

And yeah, the inbox was cleared, to go along with this fresh restart thingy.

Hey guys, did I miss anything?

Hey guys, did I miss anything?

.. and it’s pretty damn good so far.

> mention an intention to resume normal updates

> computer proceeds to blow up


Hard to believe it’s been three years..

.. since the Fukushima reactor meltdown. And yes, one of the cores partially turned into slag, but there was no mushroom cloud or anything like that because that’s only in Hollywood.

I mention this since there was a recent article on Ars Technica talking about the current state of the region, and how it compares to another famous “zone” created due to a nuclear mishap. And that reminded me (as did some of the commentators), of an extremely informative chart that Randall Munroe of XKCD created, showing all sorts of sources of ionizing radiation you can encounter in the real world.

In case you’re wondering, a sievert (Sv) is roughly equivalent to 100 RADs, so, yes, the radiation poisoning and fatality that occurs at the 1k mark in Fallout is spot on, as no human has ever survived such exposure, and you’re pretty much doomed once you get close to that value.

Of course, post-apocalyptic games have stuff like RadAway (or magic vodka), but, ya know, that’s why they’re entertainment and not real.

Just some random info I figured you all might be interested in, as fans of these series or if you’re writing a story and want to get these facts correct. Or just, because, knowledge!

EDIT: Yes, I am aware of the fact that you actually can purge small amounts of radiation by consuming certain things IRL, including vodka; the “joke” which a lot of people seemed to have missed (by my calling it “magic”) was that, in a videogame, it always works. I mean, think about it. Even in games where you suffer penalties for, say, lower health or broken bones or whatever, soon as you “fix” those, you’re perfectly fine. The only exceptions would be those that take this madness to a whole other level (or that lack healing at all).. and that.. is not for everyone.