Status Update

I really, genuinely hope I can get back to normal question answerin’ duties here by tommorow, ‘cause every damn time I try and be functional, my migraines have decided “hahaha no”. I always tell family & friends that the way you can tell if I’m genuinely sick or not is if I don’t feel like playing video games. And I haven’t done much of that lately; most of my recent hours in BL2 were actually with the game left idle and the PC in sleep mode, as I struggled to do the same myself. So that’s why I’ve been on Steam even less than usual.

Thanks again for all your well wishes and feedback, it is appreciated!

Also, to the Anon who sent a creepy sexual Ask recently, please step up your trolling game. You’re not going to offend me with lame god-mode RP actions towards things I like. It just makes you look desperate and in need of attention, which, yeah, you’re getting, so.. congrats I guess?

*shrug* Freakin’ kids these days.. why, when I was your age..!

Blah blah, doctor stuff, ordered some medical supplies to aid with my breathing and migraines, will see how they work so I can get some damn work (and play!) done, since I really hate NOT being productive. There’s a whole bunch of your Asks I wanna answer!

I can always tell if I’m really hurting or not if I don’t feel like playing video games. That’s been true a lot this past week and a half. Heck, I don’t even have the strength to add links to this post, and you know how I am with those!

I really hope to get back to normal in a few days, and I’m going to pursue a few new medicial avenues of research and possible treatment as well, ‘cause this sorta thing usually doesn’t get this bad for this long without me triggering it beforehand. It’s hard to be functional when you’ve virtually got knives stabbing inside your head, behind your eyes and into your spine. The joys of chronic pain! -_-

Again, hoping to be functional soon, just wanted to post an update so you didn’t worry too much. Your well wishes are appreciated guys; ya’ll are awesome!

Where’d the update go?

Let’s just say that migraines suck and leave it at that.

Littlepip’s Fixes v1.16 RU

This isn’t an update, and yet it is! Thanks to the efforts of PainyTOXA, (who has a Tumblr here), my mod is now available in Russian!

You can get the mod here, and see the previous post with the newest content here. I’ll try and make sure both language versions are available at around the same time, so your experience in the Mojave is the same on either side of the globe. As always, check the included Readme file for details!

Всех приветствую. Наконец-то сей замечательный мод будет доступен и русскоязычной аудитории! Я имел смелость адаптировать перевод к текущей версии Ultimate Edition от 1С. Мной были переименованы некоторые рецепты (например, добавление плашки [Разбор], использование сокращений в стиле “МЯБ, оптимизированная” или “ЭБ, максимальный заряд”), а также приведены к единому стилю записи практически все патроны (Калибр, обозначение - “10мм патрон, экспансивный”, “20кал. патрон, пулевой”, “.308 патрон, бронебойный” - и так далее). Надеюсь, вам понравится плод моих трудов. Ну а если нет - я всегда открыт для комментариев и предложений, моё мыло есть в русском readme.

Всем GL&HF!

Reality is scarier than fiction sometimes..

.. and this is one of those times.

I really hope they catch this guy soon. To say it’s been tense around here in the last week has been an understatement.. I wasn’t gonna say anything after the first few days, but now it’s making (inter)national news.

You totally avoided rlyoshi's question! XD Okay, imagine that Celestia WASN'T trapped (say she died with Luna or something). What would Littlepip do with her life if she didn't have to stay in the SPP?

*referring to this Ask*

Well, that is the big factor in me staying in here! Otherwise, ya know, I’d just.. go back out into the wasteland with my friends and uh, spend time with Homage.

If you expect me to put details on what that would involve, you’re mistaken!

Since you seem to have an interest in stuff like Evangelion, Crossed, etc., can I ask what's the appeal? It all just seems unrelentingly depressing more than anything else, I can't understand why people like it. Am I just too dumb to get it?

Actually, I prefer stuff with optimism & hope, but that also include conflict, such as Star Trek and Fallout. In ‘Trek, you’ve got a Federation that spans a quarter of the galaxy, and issues like poverty, inequality and lack of basic needs have been eliminated. And while they’re always open to diplomacy first, they aren’t stupid enough to keep attempting that strategy with enemies like the Borg who simply don’t play by the same rules. But overall, the franchise’s vision for the future is a positive one; even if it included nuclear war in it’s past and many dark chapters even in the history written while viewers were watching.

Similarly, you’ve got Fallout. War never changes, but as Ulysses said, people can. And the actions of the player can (and canonically do) help make the world a dramatically better place. It’s still a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with things that want you dead, but it’s also one where you don’t get discriminated based on your skin color, and groups like the NCR and Followers of the Apocalypse exist to make things better for humanity as a whole.

Worlds with problems, but that are working to solve those problems in a realistic fashion. That’s what I like, because that’s the case in our own. Modern MLP also does this; Equestria has tons of creatures that can and want to harm ponies, but they negotiate whenever possible, and defend themselves against ‘em whenever they cannot. Sometimes you just need a little kindness, but they aren’t so naive as to believe that force is never an option either. It simply is a last resort, as it should be in most situations.

This is in contrast to many other franchises aimed at children and even adults, where they let the bullies or other bad guys engage in shitty behavior for months or even years, and they never raise a hand in their own defense. There’s turning the other cheek, and then there’s bending over and putting your ass against their boot. Show restraint; but you damn well better break those shackles of pacifism when they start using you as a doormat or worse..

*Steals hat* I TOOK YA HAT! Now there ain't anything you can do about it. Muahahahahahahaha!!!

I sure hope you can outrun boolets.. err, bullets. GIMME BACK MY HAT!

Seriously, never mess with a pony’s headwear!

I have a bow with arrows and do you want it?

Uh, no thanks. I’d have to practice to be any good with it, even with magic, and in case you hadn’t noticed, hooves aren’t the best way to handle a bowstring either. Although I have seen ponies with archery-related cutie marks, so it’s not impossible. The “feel” of pulling on a string is very different when done with telekinesis, so taking care to not snap it is paramount when dealing with any such object. Honestly, anypony who masters doing such a thing with their spells deserves a lot more credit for it than you’d think.. it’s difficult!

Also, I’m kinda still in the SPP, so I’d just be shooting at a target in here and not defending anyone with it. I’ve already got a dartboard for when I feel like that, and those are a lot easier to throw and retrieve.

who can reassemble a weapon faster after cleaning/maintenance you or calamity... ?

Calamity is a bit quicker at it, especially when it comes to rifles, but we’re more closely matched when it comes to smaller, simpler guns like revolvers. One could argue it’s always “easier” for me since I’ve got telekinesis and he doesn’t, but don’t forget that his original cutie mark was a screwdriver and hammer; so engineering and repair-type stuff is as much his forté as it is mine, if not moreso!

I feel like this may have been asked already, so sorry if it has been. Let's say, theoretically, that Littlepip didn't have to stay in the S.P.P. pod; she just had to flip a switch or something, and then could leave and everything would be on the same path as if she stayed in there. (Makes no sense, but again, theoretical question.) What do you think she would do with her life at that point? Keep exploring, settle down, go home, or what? (Asking OOC but you can answer in character if you want.)

That isn’t the problem. The problem is that Celestia is trapped in here, and was forced to watch Equestria fall into ruin for two hundred years while being completely unable to act. Right after seeing her sister, personal guards and closest friends perish in the attack on Canterlot, while her own body also died.

Now, consider that Celestia basically considers every citizen of Equestria to be like her children. It’s devastating enough for a parent to lose a child; now magnify that millions of times over. While you’re stuck there, not capable of moving, only averting your vision temporarily. And having to live with that for centuries, only to see it repeat on a smaller scale daily.

That is the burden that She has had to endure, and it’s a testament to her willpower (and love for her subjects) that she didn’t go insane or turn evil.

I do not want Her to suffer for one minute longer than neccessary after such an ordeal. Nopony.. nobody deserves such a fate, especially not Celestia. I made a promise to not leave Her alone, and I keep my promises.

So you read the Crossed webcomic? I only mention it because I reread the original Crossed pretty often, and the theme is the exact opposite of Fallout: Equestria's. There is no hope. Survivors either die or march into hell, and the "Thin Red Line" story arc introduced a failsafe preventing humanity from ever recovering. I don't know why I punish myself like this; I guess I just lost hope myself a while back. Although I am curious to hear what the Lightbringer herself has to say about Crossed. :)

Yeah, out of morbid curiosity one night I just sat down for a few hours and engaged in an archive binge and read the entire thing. Considering by the third page there’s a Crossed lungfucking a dolphin while stabbing it (you read that right.. it’s super-NSFW) it’s certainly an extremely dark and screwed up series.

But as I went into with my fear post, when you originally asked this, it’s not monsters like that which scare me, it would be losing my mind and becoming like that myself. The closest equivalent in the real world would be rabies, but I don’t panic over it either because I don’t go wandering around the woods pissing off raccoons or wolves into biting me.

As for what prompted the curiosity in that franchise in the first place, it’s because jitters has mentioned it a few times as one of the darker interests he’s got, and, naturally, did an MLP version which I actually found far more disturbing than the human one. I think because it also “crossed” the ponies’ cutie marks, which implies that it was actually altering the essence of what makes them be, not just giving them uncontrollable, horrible urges. That makes it even worse in my eyes, and it’s about the only kind of ‘zombie' that truly disturbs me on multiple levels.

tl;dr: Plenty of stuff I think is creepy, but there’s very little that actually scares me, and I, again, went into that with my post on fear, which applies both to Littlepip and to.. uh, me.

Sorry I took so damn long to reply to this. I guess I just needed a break from the subject matter.

How did the overmare become overmare? She looks like an ordinary pony to me.

Elected, but I believe she’s always been from the same family line, so pseudo-inherited too. Although that issue was going to cause a problem for the entire Stable in a few generations; you can’t keep any group in isolation for that long before everyone starts being related to one another.

And that’s a creepy topic so that’s all I’m gonna say on that.

To the mod: Have you played any games from the STALKER or Metro series?

Played ‘em? Yes. Gotten into them? Not yet.

My backlog of games is always growing, and there’s only so many hours in a day (or a lifetime) to spend!

Usual disclaimer that my Steam hours don’t always reflect my actual playtime in a game, since I might have played it on another platform (, Nintendo (3)DS, etc.), or in Steam’s offline mode (add a few hundred more hours to Fallout 3), or simply prior to having Steam, as is the case with the Baldur’s Gate and classic Fallout games.

So, hows the need for an MD pony down there? Didn't have much luck asking that to a certain crimson and black maned mare back in the day. too many falling boats injuries...

What about Mendelevium? Does Latin even exist in Equestria?

Oh, wait, you mean a doctor.. same as in any other world, really. Always needed, especially in times of crisis. Everything could be awesome and perfect, but natural disasters and simple accidents would still be happening, after all.